February 13, 2012

Dinosaur cake toppers

I'm loving the dinosaur themed wedding cake toppers. So far I've encountered Mr. and Mrs. T-Rex and Godzilla.

Here are a few more cute dino ideas from around the web!

February 9, 2012

My Wedding Recap!

I thought I'd share the details of my wedding in case there are like-minded budget brides out there who are interested!

The ceremony
We had the ceremony at Brooklyn Borough Hall (YAY! $25) first thing Friday morning. They open at 8am, we were through the metal detector and upstairs with our families by 8:15am and there was no line!

The reception
We had a very small — immediate family and close friends, a total of 32 people — reception later that night at Frankie's 457 on Court Street. We fit in "the Stable" in their backyard. The space is gorgeous and the staff was awesome (super friendly and attentive!) and of course the food was delicious! I was definitely a bride who ate at her wedding!

The flowers
I made them myself!

The favors
We bought Mast Brothers Chocolate in bulk which brought the price down. We also gave everyone a pen (I know, we're dorks).

My dress, hair and makeup
My dress was just a white-ish cocktail dress that I ordered online. Much cheaper than going for a traditional wedding dress. I brushed my hair myself. And for makeup, I booked a full face makeup session for just $20 on lifebooker.com. It was absolutely a great deal — the salon had raving reviews, my makeup artist was funny and professional, and the makeup turned out great and lasted all night!

The photographer
This was a tough one, being a wedding photographer myself. Again, we went a non-traditional route. We had Louis Mendes and his 1940s press camera come and take pictures of our guests at the reception. We basically had a nice dinner with family and friends — no dancing, cake cutting or bouquet tossing — so Louis's portraits and the candid shots taken by our guests who brought cameras was enough for us.

We provided him with the black and white film and he took pictures of all of our guests. This was perfect because we then scanned the photos and made prints as thank you cards for everyone!

The cake
In my case, cakes! I ordered three cakes from Nine Cakes and it was just over $100 including delivery! I chose the red velvet, mayan chocolate, and carrot cream cheese and they were all divine. No fondant!

February 7, 2012

Sue and Charles's wedding portraits!

I had so much fun with Sue and Charles at Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City, Queens! The setting is beyond amazing, with inspiring works of art, a beautiful waterfront view, and the most gorgeous trees.

Remember their awesome engagement photos taken at the MTA Transit Museum?

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