February 17, 2011

all about the wedding invitations


I'm not really into scalloped edges, frills and vellum paper, so when it came to designing my own wedding invitations, I decided to start with something I really love. The main inspiration for my invites is a Henri Cartier-Bresson's Scrapbook, a photobook that both Ben and I both enjoy. A contact sheet, however, is not much of a wedding invitation.


The internet is so handy when it comes to looking for wedding inspiration! After a quick peek at a couple of my favorite wedding sites (oh so beautiful paper is a great place to gawk at invite gorgeousness!), I realized that old postcards and vintage stamps would be perfect additions to the invitations. I ordered the stamps on eBay for close to it's face value (th key is to buy them in sheets) and bought the New York-themed postcards from the Brooklyn Flea. The best part about using vintage postcards as the rsvp response cards is that I get to keep them after our guests mail them back! I’ll soon have a Walker Evans-style collection!

To save money, I also wanted to go diy on addressing the envelopes. I'm very bad at calligraphy, so it's a good thing that Ben has an old typewriter. We cleaned it and bought a new ribbon from a local stationary store. Definitely call first to see if the stores carry typewriter ribbon. The first few typewriter repair and supply shops I dialed are all closed!

February 15, 2011

sue and charles engagement shoot


It's been a super snowy winter here in New York City. So to stay warm, Sue and Charles had the brilliant idea of having their engagement photos taken at the MTA Transit Museum in Downtown Brooklyn. I'd never been there before, but oh boy, was it awesome! I had so much fun taking pictures of Sue and Charles as we wandered through the old train cars. Thank you Sue and Charles for taking me to the museum!


more photos on facebook!

February 10, 2011

I’m getting married!


After six years of dating, Ben and I have decided to get married. Yay!

We made the decision and talked to our families around the new year. But we thought it’d be funny if we didn't announce our engagement to our friends — and instead surprised to them with the news when they received the wedding invitations in the mail.

Are we the first people ever to do this? Is it considered bad manners?

We had second thoughts many times over. Sometimes it was just downright difficult not to blurt out the good news. But we finally mailed out the invites last week, so now everything’s out in the open!

Obviously, I’m really excited about this! Considering my job, this puts me in a really interesting position. As a 24-year-old wedding photographer, I’ve probably been to more weddings than most people my age. And I think about weddings all the time — it’s how I make my living. But planning for my own is a whole other beast.

Since many readers of this blog are future brides, I figured I’d detail my own experiences as a client. Hopefully my grand ideas and huge mistakes will help other Brooklyn brides find great deals on locally sourced wedding rings, food, and even photography!

I’ll be posting here, on facebook and on twitter. Please follow if you’d like! This is a really exciting time and I hope to hear all your feedback and ideas!

February 1, 2011

I photographed more dogs! This shoot features not only the dogs, but their leashes, collars and harnesses as well.

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